Finding the right mobile plan

Finding the right mobile plan

In the UAE, postpaid plans come with either “flexi minutes,” which can be used for both local and international calls to almost every country in the world, or “local” minutes, which can only be used within the UAE. Flexi minutes and unrestricted international calls to one country are available from both Etisalat and du. This plan from Etisalat also includes unrestricted calls to a variety of other destinations. Etisalat unrestricted one country costs AED 325 + VAT, while du costs AED 300 + 5% VAT.

For those using Etisalat and Du’s prepaid services, there are three options.

There are very generous one-country packages of 500 minutes good for a month for AED 49 for those who want peace of mind for a month. Etisalat refers to them as the New Monthly International Voice Pack India 500, and they cost 49 AED plus 5% VAT. Du refers to them as 500 international minutes with the country’s name, and VAT is included in the AED 49 price. There are more plans with even lower per-minute rates available here, as well as competitive foreign deals. There are plans available with 1000 or 2000 minutes.

The second choice is to purchase a package with flexi minutes – interestingly, flexi minutes cover anywhere from 90 to 160 countries depending on the plan, but each version includes India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. A Prepaid Flexi Plan with 60 flexi minutes and 2GB of data for AED 59 is a good example for du plans postpaid. For 52.5 AED, Etisalat offers a Monthly Combo that includes 30 flexi minutes and 1.5GB of data.

Activating a cheaper pay-as-you-go rate – if you have du International Savings Offer – is a no-brainer “catch-all” – 38 files per minute to all three countries with no costs, so even if you don’t have a package, you’ll get a good deal.

Botim and CME are two UAE operators that provide Internet calling via apps. You will have to pay AED 105 per month to use these apps over your home services, and AED 52.5 per month to use these apps on your mobile service.

Many of us switched from COVID to Zoom or Microsoft Team, which do not need a separate subscription to function. These apps were not designed for calling, but they do the job, and all that is required of them is good communication on both ends. Sign into convenient virgin postpaid plans for the best price straight away!