Learn about the basics of traditional Chinese medicine

The Chinese traditional medical practices originated way back are still popular to date. In the 20th century Chinese medical practitioners initiated to adopt some modern techniques by fetching in ideas from Western medicine but having the same basic ideas and practices as it started with. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a holistic approach which means that instead of looking at one disjointed section of the body, the entire body is seen as a system and how it works together. For example the disease is perceived as an imbalance or a disharmony in the interaction of the body with itself and with the environment.

There are five major treatments used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat those imbalances and restore the body’s health. Qigong is a practice that helps to move the Qi or energy, back into a natural flow and includes breathing techniques as well as yoga-like movements.

Herbal therapy is another major component of traditional Chinese medicine. The various herbs and their combination are used to support the organs and help the body get rid of the disharmony that is causing the illness. These herbal medicines boost whatever system needs to be strengthened and lower the systems that are too high, and everything flows in balance again.

In traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and acupressure are the same. They both use the acupoints in the body to help the Qi flow freely. The difference between the two is that acupuncture entails the use of very fine needles in those points, while acupressure uses pressure applied by specific hand movements. They both clear the blockage of Qi, which is part of what is causing the person to be sick. You can find the clinics for best acupuncture Dubai through internet search.

Certain foods are also used in Traditional Chinese medicine to help with healing. Certain ingredients in the foods form the basis of getting the food prescribed. It is the energy signature or essence that the food has and not the nutritional value that is considered.

The final treatment used in traditional Chinese medicine is Chinese psychology which is based on understanding a person’s emotions and how they interact with the organs, and influence that person’s health.

Traditional Chinese medicine has worked well for thousands of years and is respected by millions of people all over the world. You would find a number of Chinese doctors in UAE who practice traditional Chinese medicine to help patients with several medical issues.