Meal Plans for Weight Gain

Gaining the weight is not so difficult if you follow the healthy meal plans Dubai. The foods that are high in calories help in gaining weight. Red meat, potatoes, full-fat milk, beans, and cheese are the best food to gain weight naturally.


Protein plays a great role in gaining weight and building up muscles. The source of protein must be included in every meal you consume. Taking about 2gm of protein daily is enough to increase the weight. Meat, fish, and dairy products are rich in proteins.


Choose healthy foods that contain omega acids. Do not go for unhealthy food just to gain weight, as health is more important than gaining weight for sure. You can include seeds, nuts, and other food that contain omega acids.

•Milk Shakes and Smoothies

Milkshakes are also a good source of increasing weight. Additional supplements like Whey Protein can be added to the smoothies and shakes if your weight is not increasing by natural stuff or you can visit juice shops in Dubai.

•Make Yourself Stressed Out

Stress does not let anyone achieve the goal. Therefore, it is important to let yourself stressed out and trust that you will reach your aim by working hard. Stress is sometimes the reason why you are not getting your goal.

•Note Every Step Towards The Goal

Make a dairy and note every step you are doing to gain weight. Check the weight every week or within 15 days to know if you are going on the right path or not.

•Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Weight gain is an easy task if you maintain your lifestyle accordingly. Avoid taking pills for faster results s they only give temporary results. Foods like meat, dairy products etc. take time but give long time results, and most importantly, they are not harmful to the body.

•Sound Sleep

A good sleep of a minimum of eight hours is necessary if you want to stay fit and healthy.  It has a vital role in gaining and losing weight in the body. Try to take maximum hours of sleep and does not sleep late. Waking up early in the morning makes the person fresh and healthy.