Benefits of Being a Pharmacist

Benefits of Being a Pharmacist

It is surveyed that 60% of the parents wanted their kids to become doctors but only some actually become. It is because the study of being a doctor is very tough and it takes several years to become a good one. Even though the salary and benefits of a doctor are a lot but still whatever a doctor or any health care worker goes through, they still say that their salaries are less. And since the COVID-19 has spread, we think that same too because many have lost their lives battling with this disease while saving others at the same time. If you have what it takes to study enough to become a doctor but you don’t want to risk your life then we suggest that you become a pharmacist and can open pharmacy delivery in Abu Dhabi or even work in a pharmacy.

Ever since the virus has spread, more and more queries of Vitamin D online in UAE are coming in and more pharmacists are hired to handle the job and assist the needy. There more benefits of being a pharmacist that you can read about them below.

Good Salary: pharmacists don’t get paid heavily like doctors and nurses but they are paid good. You will be surprised to know that in huge pharmacies, some pharmacists are also earning a six-figure salary. You will be shocked to know that a new pharmacist makes 80,000 AED in a year and a pro level pharmacist makes more than 170,000 AED in a year.

Never Ending Job Opportunities: if one pharmacy closes, another opens and a new pharmacy will always look for pharmacists who have done degrees and have prior experience as well. And if you have both then they the owners will hire you immediately without asking any questions.

Flexible Job: you will not be handling a pharmacy day and night, there are shifts. Whether you work in day or night and if you have good terms with the rest of the staff, you can shift your working hours or exchange your working hours with them.

Self-Employment: since you have a good salary and you soon understand how pharmacy works, sooner or later, you can open your own pharmacy.

Stable Job: people will need medicines and pharmacies will be here forever and that is why you don’t have to worry about not finding a job.