The risk of getting lice

The risk of getting lice

Almost everyone is at the risk of getting lice at one or other point of their lives. Everyone who is in contact in any shape or form with someone else who has head lice, or their infested clothing and other items, is now exposed to having head lice. As a result, it is simple to spread head lice through one individual to another. Preschool and elementary-school children (3-11 years old) and their relatives are the most commonly contaminated. Girls are more likely than boys to have head lice, and women are far more likely than males to have head lice. But you need not worry because lice shampoo for kids is the best lice treatment for children.

Life cycle of lice

A lice goes through a whole life cycle before it develops in an adult lice. There are three main stages of lice, these life cycle stages are defined in this article below.


Nits are the larvae of lice. Nits are difficult to spot and are frequently misinterpreted with flakes or hair-spray drips. Nits are discovered embedded in the skin surface. They are oval in shape, 2-3 mm long, and pale to white in color. Nits emerge in roughly a week. Nits are also the most difficult to take out and treat mainly because if the fact that they are somewhat glued to the root of the human hair by a sticky solution produced by the mother lice.


This is the second stage of a head lice when the nit hatches into a nymph, which is a young louse. It resembles an adult head louse but is much smaller. Seven days after hatching, nymphs mature into adults. The nymph must feed on human blood to survive. They are usually found around the area of ear and at the bottom of the neck. They usually reside where it is warmer.


The mature louse is roughly the size of a sesame seed, with six legs and a tan to grayish-white coloration. The mature louse appears darker in those with dark hair. Females are larger than males and lay nits. Mature lice can survive on a person’s head for up to 30 days. Adult lice must feed on human blood in order to survive. The louse dies within two days if it falls off a person.

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